The Most Common Primary School Playground Equipment to Encourage Outdoor Play


Primary schools throughout the world are focusing on their playground equipment to encourage children to play outdoors and get exercise. Today children end up sitting a lot of the time, from sitting in class to sitting for periods of time in front of a computer While they are becoming exceptionally knowledgeable as a result, they are not getting the essential exercise that they need.

Primary school playground equipment is designed to encourage children to play outdoors during breaks, enabling them to make new friends and enjoy the social element that school has to offer, in addition to academics.

The first type of playground equipment you will probably see in all school playgrounds is climbing frames. indoor jungle gym;, gyms and other forms of climbing frames are an excellent opportunity for children to play, climb and have some fun. It encourages the muscles to be used as they climb ladders, swing on hoops and clamber up nets. Everything is designed to suit a certain age group safely and gets the children outdoors and playing in the fresh air.

Another of the top choices these days are adventure or fitness trails, which are exciting trails throughout the playground with different obstacles which must be completed. Children can follow the trail trying various obstacles, putting their coordination to the test. The benefit with the adventure and fitness trails as primary school playground equipment is that they offer a complete fun experience while made mostly from wood, provide a strong and durable design which is completely safe for children. These obstacles are usually placed in grassed areas to ensure children don’t hurt themselves while climbing, swinging and rocking.

Next you will often notice natural play areas in the primary school grounds these days. These play areas blend into the surroundings while providing children with a fun and exciting outdoor experience from sandy play areas to allotments and forest themes to amphitheatres and so much more. These play areas encourage children to play, getting them to learn how to grow plants in the allotment and tend to them to getting them to perform in front of their friends in the amphitheatre.

The sand, water and messy play areas are great for the younger children at primary school with the sandy play area, water wall, mud kitchen and so many more to get the imagination flowing. These playground equipment options are designed to encourage children to interact with different objects, feels and sights, they will learn to explore new things, express their emotions and their creativity will be encouraged.

It is important if you are looking for new playground equipment for your primary school that you focus on the space you have available. Ideally you want a good size space where you can add the equipment you feel works best with the age group you area dealing with.

Ensure the company you choose can come up with a complete design fro you based on the space available and what you want to achieve. They should be able to design, manufacture and install the playground equipment for you, enabling you to work to a budget and enjoy an all-inclusive price.

In addition to this, the common playground equipment you see in primary schools today must be made from strong and durable materials and finished to the highest standards to reduce the risk of a child hurting themselves due to poor product or workmanship. Ensure the playground equipment is placed in a safe area where the risk of a child hurting themselves when falling is reduced.

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